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Kantia and Nafplion area

The Kantia en Nafplion area

The quiet seaside village of Kantia is situated on the Peloponese peninsula. Our hotel is right on the beach in a valley surounded by impressive mountains.
This is where organises creative and culinary workshops.             

In the village there are three Taverna’s and two beachbars. There is also a supermarket and and a bakery, all within walking distance from our hotel.

On the surrounding acres a variety of fruit and vegetables are culivated such as citrus-fruit, grapes, figs, pistachio nuts, tomatoes, olives and artichokes.


Nafplion vista from Palamidi castle

Nafplion centre square

Archeological site Mycene

Harbour of Vivari


At about 15 km from Kantia the town Nafplion is situated. Once the capital of liberated Greece, it is now a bustling harbourtown. It offers tourists all necessary conveniences such as regional bus- and train connections, a postoffice and banks with ATM’s as well as a hospital.


There are many souvenir and jewellery shops, galleries, restaurants, terraces and an amazing open-air cinema.
You can easiliy spend a whole day wandering through the narrow streets.



From Nafplion 999 worn down marble steps lead up to the impressive Venetian castle ‘Palamidi’ which towers high above the town. Luckily it is also accessible by car or taxi. The entrance is at the rear side of the mountain.




Closer to Kantia is the pretty fishing village Vivari, one of the great locations for our painting groups. Just a bit furtherup the coast are the village Drepano and the touristic town Tolo.



Amfitheatre Epidaurus

Boat trip to Hydra and Spetses or Monemvasia

There are boat trips to the scenic islands Hydra and Spetses and to the Byzantine town Monemvassia.
During these boat trips one is quite likely to see dolphins.

Epidaurus and Mycene

In the direct vicinity there are many archeological sites such as Mycene, Corinth and Argos.


Also nearby and well worth a visit is Epidaurus. This classic amphitheater is almost intact and has an unrivaled acoustics. In summer months there are performances of the famous Greek tragedies, which are attended by thousands of visitors in this fantastic place. In the nearby port town pallium Epidaurus you can enjoy fresh seafood at the restaurants on the harbor. There’s also a small theater in the same style as the amphitheater.



Bicycle, scooter or car

We can arrange bicycle, scooter and car rentals. Taxis are very reasonably priced in Greece. If you do not want to drive yourself, this is a good way to see the beautiful area.