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Activities for accompanying partners

Travelling together is so much more fun!

How are you going to persuade your partner (perhaps not as creative as yourself) to accompany you on your trip to Greece?


Perhaps he/she is not creative, but does enjoy sporting activities. Maybe he/she would rather cycle, sail or dive. Even perhaps something you would not have thought possible, to earn a license for diving! All these activities can easily be arranged by us, so that there is something to keep everyone happy. Another bonus is that if you share your apartment with a companion both persons pay a reduced price so that your holiday will be considerably less expensive.


During your stay there will be plenty of time in the afternoons and at the weekend for you to explore the area together. Moreover you may enjoy our delicious meals. The rooms all have a balcony with a sea-view on which to relax.


In the theatre of Epidaurus the acoustics are unbelievable
In the theatre of Epidaurus the acoustics are unbelievable
Stunning Mycene
Stunning Mycene

Relaxing, reading or walking …

In the mornings, while you are busy with your chosen creative occupation, your companion can relax on the beach, swim, read or wander about the beautiful area and enjoy the totally relaxing atmosphere.

There are a number of archeologically interesting sites quite accessible in the area: Mycene, Epidaurus, Argos, Korinthe and Nemea. There is more information about these sites elsewhere on this website. There are also many very nice trips you can take if you hire a car, motorbike, scooter, bicycle or simply stroll. We can arrange the hire of all these forms of transport.


Or combine your holiday with  …


A tour elsewhere in Greece

If you so wish you can extend your workshop holiday by combining it with, for instance, a tour elsewhere in Greece, staying in the same hotel without taking part in a workshop. We can arrange the bookings so that your companion could join you at the end of your workshop.




In cooperation with Amorgos Sailingholidays we can arrange combined holidays. You can, for instance combine a sailing holiday with a Miniati Workshop. Another option is that your partner can sail while you enjoy a creative workshop after which you can enjoy time together… We will arrange your flights and make sure that the transfers connect.



There is a diving school in the nearby town of TOLO. Your companion can stay with you in our hotel and take part in a diving-course and could even win a medal. More information about diving can be found on