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Sculpture in stone

The workshop Sculpture in stone is for both beginners and advanced participants and takes place in May – June and September-October in the garden of our hotel. We have a variety of types and colors of marble available, including the famous red Parnon, black and blue-gray Agios Petros and our snow-white Sivec marble.

We have also have white Thassos, Veria semi-white, white-veined dolomite and an extensive collection of alabaster, soapstone and serpentine in various colors.


Wide choice of material

You can choose from our extensive stock of blocks to choose a piece of stone to work with. You can purchase the material chosen for the workshop at very reasonable prices. We have some special types of marble to sculpt, such as the snow-white Sivec from Macedonia and red Parnonmarmer from the mountains across the bay of Argolis. Recently we also have beautiful black and dark gray and light gray Agios Petros veiled Veria Marble, that sounds like a bell. These types we import exclusively to the Netherlands and they are available through our in Amsterdam or Tiel, but also at various Art Supply stores or through our website.


Individual guidance

The subject and the pace of work are entirely up to you. During the workshop much attention is paid to form and technique. When your sculpture is completed, you can polish it by the sea and prepare it for the final exhibition, which we organize every Saturday.


Carla Peperkamp, Leen Kessels en Ingrid Onstenk, our sculpture teachers will individually guide you through the design and implementation of your idea. All the tools you need are available.


Bookings for 1 up to 5 weeks.


Alterations reserved.