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The various mosaics workshops we have been offering over the last years, have now been combined to one. Now not only marble tiles can be used, but also a variety of other materials such as glass, ceramic tiles, beads, pebbles, stones and shells. Mosaics is an easy and accessible workshop, suitable for everyone. No skills are required. It is almost a meditative activity and guaranteed to offer you a relaxing pastime during your stay by the seaside in Kantia.

Participants can make their own design beforehand or let themselves be inspired by photobooks we have on the site. After having chosen a pattern, design or picture, the outlines are transferred to the base on which we will be working. This might be a flat surface of wood or concrete board, which can be used for table tops or decorative wall fixtures, or a ceramic bowl or plate. It is also possible to use three‐dimensional objects for mosaic, such as ceramic, wooden or even polystyrene artefacts. Another option during the workshop is to use glass on glass, creating translucent objects such as lamps or window panels. It is also possible to create a ‘classical Greek style’ mosaic using small squares of coloured marble.

The surface is then decorated with pieces of ceramic tile, marble or glass, which are glued on with special kit. When the whole surface is covered, grout is applied to the space between the pieces, giving the artefact a coherent and watertight finish (like tiles in a bathroom). By using contrasting colours in the grout, the mosaic effect is increased.



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