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Paper and book binding

‘Paper – nature to art’

Where craftsmanship, art and design meet


We may live in a digital world, but love for paper, art and design has by no means diminished. Paper is still important in our daily life despite the ongoing digitalization. We still use paper in mass media, at school and at home. Especially when it comes to art, paper is a medium with manifold possibilities.


Books and other objects

In this workshop we will be making handmade paper and use it to create books, sculptures, lamps and other applications. Also we will be dealing with and bookbinding – both traditional bound books and bookart.


Make your own paper

In order to make the paper we’ll be collecting all kinds of natural materials such as cotton, straw, nettles, eucalyptus, reeds, seaweed, and a variëty of materials, which can be found around us in nature or on the beach. Greece has a different vegetation than northern Europe, so the paper that will be made during the workshop will also be different. You will learn how to make pulp and how to apply it in different ways. We will use historic paper frames in sizes from A6 to A2 and many other special tools. You’ll also get acquainted with different surface treatments which will keep your creations beautiful and durable.


The program:

  •  Day 1 : We will be collecting plants and prepare the pulps for making paper.
  • Day 2: Getting acquainted with all the tools and the craftsmanship for making paper.
  • Day 3: The first steps in making bowls and lamps from fresh pulp.
  • Day 4: Continuing the work on bowls and lamps; making paper for books and stationary.
  • Day 5: Small book projects, and finishing of the sculptures, bowls and lamps.
  • Day 6: Finalisation of ongoing work, exhibition.




There are no dates planned (yet) for 2018.

Alterations reserved.