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Painting and drawing

The painting weeks are tutored by Sophie Walraven, Lisanne Sloot and Martin Coppes. Although their own work and preferences for certain techniques and materials are very different (Lisanne: charcoal, Martin: watercolors, acrylics and oil paint, Sophie: drawing and model drawing), all three of them  offer varied and extensive workshop programs, which are suitable for both beginners and advanced participants.


On location

The painting takes place in the garden of the hotel as well as at other locations, such as the beach, the surrounding fields or the roof terrace. Also the painters sometimes work on lacation in the nearby fishing villages of Vivari and Iria or in the Venetian town of Nafplion. The results are regularly discussed in the group.


On the basis of assignments and themes we work with all kinds of materials and techniques: watercolors, acrylics, pastel, charcoal, pen, oil paints and ink. Participants can indicate what they want to learn or practice. Experience is not required; the participants are guided on an individual level. Advanced students also have plenty of room to broaden their development and vision and can take their work to a next level. Attention is paid to color theory, to visual elements such as composition, line and surface and content. We will discuss in which different ways you can look at your subject or how you choose a topic.



All necessary materials, such as tables and easels, canvasses, various types and sizes of paper, paints, brushes etc. are all available. The materials used by the participants during the week are billed afterwards, at very reasonable prices. Do you wish to bring your own material or prefer using your own favorite brushes, feel free to bring them along! The resulting work is transported to the Netherlands by us and exhibited at our exhibition afterwards. All guests are invited to come and see all the work which was produced during the period and collect their work.



Bookings available for all workshop weeks except for 16 – 23 September.


Alterations reserved.